2011-current Slui Instrumentation Owner of this company. Besides my main work at Gate Terminal I did consultancy work on natural gas burner metering and wobbe-control for Almatis Rotterdam. Various product development projects have also been pursued together with entrepreneurial friends.
2015-2016 Control-Care Amsterdam Field Service Engineer Controls Specialist for servicing, design and engineering of anti-surge PLC applications for global customers. For this job I flew to Finland, Poland, Malaysia and Turkey to assist in upgrades and modifications during plant turn-arounds or commissioning of a whole new gas compressor relay station as was the case in Turkey.
2013-2014 Gate Terminal Control systems Engineer on the DCS, ESD & FGS systems of Gate Terminal LNG. I’m responsible for all maintenance & troubleshooting on these systems. Main focus lies on modification projects. The biggest project where I have the lead is the “mode switching” the complete automated valve switching of the plant is to be reviewed and changed. Part of this job is writing the process control description, a HAZOP study, SIL (re-) assessment and when complete a SAT test by a third party because I do all the programming myself. Within this job I have an advising role on the process and control to operations, commercial and management.
2012-2013 Gate Terminal Control & Instrumentation Technician on the new and first LNG terminal in the Netherlands, troubleshooting and problem-solving on DCS and field instrumentation. Main focus lies on structural problems that are left over from the construction phase. Part of the job is a “callout standy duty”, once every 3 weeks. Besides my work as a C&I technician I grew into a secondary role as junior process engineer, assisting and advising the operations team on how to run the plant process wise. As my DCS skills developed I performed calculations and trend reporting, for reliability, troubleshooting, process performance and commercial.
2011-2012 Fabricom Oil & Gas As an Electrical and Instrumentation Technician on the offshore gas production platforms of Total EP. I do maintenance and troubleshooting on diesel generators, electrical distribution boards, control- and safety-systems. Next to regular maintenance, my skills as an independent technician were also used in a number of projects: A project I did was the commissioning of the MCC and 2 diesel-generators on the L4B. Of the problems and fault's I found, I immediately fixed the safety-related items, and made a punch-list and report of all remaining items.
2009-2011 Kuwait Petroleum Europoort Instrumentation Technician Maintenance and troubleshooting on field-instrumentation, PLC- and DCS-systems. As a full time instrumentation technician I learned a lot about the practical appliance of all the different instruments. I calibrated transmitters the manual way, and with a Hart-communicator. Transmitters from Yokogawa, ABB, Rosemount, but also pneumatic Foxboro 13A transmitters that were still used in ATEX zone 0 areas. I did fault finding on level transmitters of old Magnetrol displacer types. And troubleshooting on Magnetrol and Vega guided wave radars. Accompanying and assisting vendor's on site, for example the “proving” of the custody transfer metering.